Wednesday, September 23, 2009


No PhilHealth Identification Number (PIN) - No Claim, a strict policy that will be implemented in CY 2010.

As early as of this time, PhilHealth instituted measures to lead members in complying with this personal and unique requirement. A Regional Advisory was issued to enjoin compliance in advising all Accredited Collecting Banks and Agents like MLhuiller to refer all paying members/employers with No PIN/PEN directly to PhilHealth Office to secure the same.

Subject of this advisory are Employed and OFWs and some Individually Paying Members. An applicant needs only to fill out a request form, submit and wait for the immediate issuance of his/her PIN. While it allows the Employer’s Admin/HR or liaison officers to facilitate on behalf of their employees, personal transaction is encouraged especially when they have to update record of their dependents. Aside from the PIN, PhilHealth also requires Member Data Record (MDR) especially when availing benefits.

PhilHealth observed that among the employed sector, most Private Employers neither have their PhilHealth Employer Number (PEN) nor PIN of their employees. From the government, it is obvious that most of the teachers, military and police personnel have not yet secured their PIN.

As a current policy, PhilHealth allows the use of SSS and GSIS policy number in posting the member’s premium contribution payments as well as in claims filing.

The clean up utility mapping drive by PhilHealth VI Contribution Section revealed that more than 7,000 registered employees have no PIN. Unfortunately, considerable quantity of those requesting for MDR are members with confinement who apply for their PhilHealth Identification Number only during such request.

As to OFWs, those who hastily left the country for work did not have their PIN for only the registration process was complied by them.

Under the Universal Counter System of PhilHealth (all-in-1 system), member may approach any of our Service Offices and all their concerns are set to be acted directly.

A member can invoke his/her rights to PhilHealth but along these rights is an attached responsibility, one of this is applying for Philhealth Identification Number (PIN). (Larry T. Tabsing)

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